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Andrew Reynolds is probably the most popular and well know Home Based Business Opportunity coach and mentor in the UK. Andrew is considered one of the ‘good guys’ in the business and spends a good deal of his time using his business skills to raise money for a number of Charities.

Starting from his spare room at home a little over 12 years ago Andrew is probably the best person to teach others how to do the same – having made himself a Multi-Millionaire – pulling in over £50Million so far – starting from scratch with no previous experience

Now I should point out that I don’t know Andrew Reynolds personally, and I don’t receive any commissions or kickbacks for recommending him.

Like many of us Andrew was looking for a business that he could run form home and had delved into all the usual ‘Business Opportunity’ programmes and offers – and had even bought some of them – although Andrew admits he never took action to do anything with them.

(Struck a chord with me – how many times have you bought something and not taken action? I know I have)

In 1997 Andrew received an invitation to go to a seminar – but not the sort of seminar you and I get invited to, in the UK. This one was on the other side of the Atlantic, in the USA

On returning from the conference, Andrew immediately handed in his notice at work (not something he recommends that his own students do )

Having negotiated a license to some video footage filmed in the USA at the event Andrew attended – he  set about opening his own company to market the footage to others like him in the UK who would be interested in the topic. Literally working form his spare room and his garage at home, he went on to sell over 10,000 sets of those videos at around £50 a piece!

(One of the things Andrew teaches in his courses is how to negotiate licensing deals and joint ventures with product owners)

From there Andrew started to get requests from people – particular friends and family asking him to show them what he did to make money selling those video tapes.

Andrew then offered a handful of people the chance to learn his methods – which he was continually fine-tuning – and also offered some students the opportunity to joint venture on his products too – a great way to get a business started.

Andrew Reynolds‘ business continued to go from strength to strength – and within a few years he became a millionaire. A few more years later and he became a Multi Millionaire.

Many of Andrew’s students who have worked closely with him and followed his teaching have also created £Million business for themselves.

Andrew Reynolds is definitely one of the good guys and someone you would do well to learn form if you are serious about starting and building a home based business.

In more recent years Andrew has devoted a lot of his time to charity work and has raised and donated several million pounds for a number of charities worldwide. For that alone – he gets my vote!

Andrew Reynolds also puts on a large yearly event called the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp.  This is an amazing seminar style event where many of the world’s top internet marketers fly in to stand on stage and share some of their systems and techniques with the audience. The last one of these was held at the O2 in London – with over 8,000 people attending. The event won Andrew two top industry awards for “Best Business Event” and Best UK and International Conference.

You can find out more about Andrew by clicking the following link Andrew Reynolds or view the videos of his Andrew Reynolds 2009 Bootcamp

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