Andrew Reynolds – Mentor and Coach

Andrew Reynolds – Mentor and Coach

Andrew Reynolds is recognised as a high profile Mentor and Coach for Home Based and Small Businesses, through his courses and Entrepreneur Bootcamp charity events. Following the train of thought that says that if you want to learn how to do something, you should find someone who has already done it for themselves – Andrew Reynolds preaches what he practices and is therefore ideally placed to teach others.

Starting in his spare bedroom at home, Andrew Reynolds has pulled in over £50Million using the techniques he now shares with others in his Best Selling “Cash On Demand” course. He teaches that as a Home Business owner, you should start off small, without spending a load of money on overheads and fixed costs.

He talks about how he started with a second-hand desk and filing cabinet, plus a hideously slow computer and noisy printer. To market his videos (these days he sells DVDs) Andrew Reynolds began with simple cheap classified ads in newspapers and something he calls “Free Publicity” – where he gets advertising space for free, from publications. Later on as his business grew he then started to reinvest some of his profits into running direct mail campaigns – again, starting small and reinvesting after each one.

In his course, Andrew Reynolds teaches all the marketing methods he uses – online and offline and stresses that it is not necessary to use expensive media such as direct mail, until the profits are flowing in and there is cash to spend on printing and postage. In fact it is entirely possible to get started with less than £100 online these days.

Using cheap hosting and a WordPress template it is possible to set up a site online for a few pounds and to then drive traffic to it, using techniques that Andre Reynolds teaches at his workshops too.

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