The Dropship Mentor – Dave Berriman

Would You Like To Earn Over £15,000 Monthly?

The Dropship Mentor – Dave Berriman, is making that kind of money and he is willing to show you how to do it too! What is truly unique about this business in this: You have no products to stock, no warehouse to stock it in, absolutely no customer contact and no employees to deal with! Can it get any better than that? Of course it can’t.

This business is not get rich quick, it is not joining something and building a pyramid, and you don’t have to sell something you bought from Dave. It will be your own business, no royalties, no rake off the top, no down-line to deal with – NOTHING!

So who is The Dropship Mentor – Dave Berriman? Dave used to be a martial arts instructor and he was taking down about £60,000 a year. But like most of us he was working 12-14 hours a day and missing his son growing up. He wanted more out of life.

What Dave has found is not the typical drop shipping method you see on the Internet all the time. What Dave will show you is this:

1.            How to test the market and not make the mistakes most people make.

2.            How to make suppliers ensure you pay the cheapest for your products.

3.            How to use his email templates and phone scripts so you sound like a pro.

4.            How to negotiate and pay less for supplies than the competition does.

5.            How you can start this business without a lot of money.

6.            How to put your customers in a “buying mania” and make them want to buy more.

7.            How to get a website up and running in minutes.

8.            How you can sell without a website if you don’t have one.

The Dropship Mentor – Dave Berriman is willing to share all this with you for one very low price. And to back up the fact that he personally thinks it just can’t fail, he guarantees that if you do not make 10 times the price of the plan in the next 12 months, he will give you a 100% full refund! If you do not find that the Dropship Mentor – Dave Berriman has made you money he will gladly refund every penny you paid in full and it won’t have cost you a thing.

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