Copy This Idea From Money Making Mentor Andrew Reynolds

The title of Andrew Reynolds book says it all – Copy This Idea. If you want to want to kick start your way to making big money from your laptop at home. You can even do it on the beach, or anywhere you choose therefore.

Copy This Idea by author Andrew ReynoldsThis brand new book published by Capstone, part of the Wiley group, shows how you can copy an ordinary down to earth guy who used this proven money making system to bank over £50Million since he started in his spare room a few years ago

The secret of his success may well lay in on simple strategy. He discovered something he could buy for £50 and sell for around £2,000

Most of all, in this new book he explains what it is that he sells – and how you can do the same. He also shows you how to get started. Furthermore he shows his whole business system in detail so that you can copy it.

In a nutshell, Copy This Idea sums it up with the title of one of the chapters:

If you want to get rich – copy the rich bloke

That’s the basis for the book. It delivers what it promises on the cover – a proven idea that you can copy yourself. As a result you can then start a business at  home.

Furthermore, Copy This Idea also comes with three FREE DVDs. On one of these you’ll see how the money is made – in fact you actually get to see money coming in ‘live’ on screen. The whole day to day running of the business is filmed for a whole week. It’s fascinating stuff

If you are someone who has always known in their gut that there was a better way to make money –and a better way to live, Copy This Idea is the book you’ll want to read straight away so you can get started.

Finally, you can grab your copy of this brand new book for just £9.99 here at, and other online book retailers such as WH Smith. Click here to buy your copy now.

Copy This Idea by Author Andrew Reynolds. Non-fiction. Home Business. ISBN 978-1-118-78672-7 Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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Copy This Idea From a Money Making Mentor
Andrew Reynolds shows you ways to make money working from home in your spare time which sets you up for a mobile business
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Business Opportunity Mentor

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