Andrew Reynolds Big Favour Initiative Raises £130,680.00

Andrew Reynolds hands over cheque for £130,680.Home Based business man Andrew Reynolds held the first of his brand new Big Favour events at the Excel in London. The three day event for start-up home business owners was held to raise money for charity.

This year’s  charity was Children with Cancer UK, based in Great Ormond Street in London.

Andrew Reynolds presented a cheque to the charity, for over £130,000 live on stage. Attendees were also able to meet with representatives of the charity face to face. This gave them the opportunity to offer personal donations too.

3 Days of amazing speakers

Over the three days, Andrew Reynolds introduced guest speakers to the audience.

“I had pulled in a few big favours, to get some of the top speakers around the world. They all flew in at short notice and at their own cost, to be there.”  Reynolds said.

Speakers each talked about their personal stories and showed the ways that they made money. Topics included Financial Trading, Silver and precious metal trading. Internet marketing, social media marketing, making money on Amazon, and topics including how to drive traffic to websites.

Each speaker gave their time for free.

Andrew Reynolds mentoring

Andrew also offered people the opportunity to get regular monthly coaching. He blamed lack of action for being one of the biggest reasons for not succeeding at anything in life.

There is no doubt that having a business mentor can help keep you focused on the task in hand and stop you avoiding getting started. A mentor can also help by giving you a regular ‘kick up the backside’ to keep you on track.

Several former students who have bene mentored by Andrew Reynolds have started and built multi-million pound businesses and become independently wealthy.

Andrew Reynolds now spends a lot of his time working with charities and putting his skills as a marketer to good use, fundraising for charities and similar projects.

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Andrew Reynolds Big Favour Initiative Raises £130,680.00
If you want to get a Mentor in business, find one who has ‘been there and done it themselves’ and get them to do you a big favour.
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