Andrew Reynolds Scam Copies Legal Action

A Home Based Business Coach recently won a case involving scammers who were selling pirate copies of his home study course materials in a blatant Cash On Demand scam– including illegal pdf copies of some of his monthly training courses, in a blatant Andrew Reynolds scam hoax . Trading from an address in Tamworth – and registered in the unlikely name of ‘John Smith’ the Andrew Reynolds scam mers, who traded as KBS Trading, were offering to sell unsuspecting customers illegal pirated copies of Reynolds courses and materials through a Cash On Demand scam website they had set up as an Andrew Reynolds scam .

The Cash On Demand scam mers used a number of tactics to pull off their Andrew Reynolds scam including emails which looked legitimate but which were actually offering illegal pirate copies.

Using a PayPal account to take people’ s money and trading through a Cash On Demand scam domain name which falsely used an AR product trademark in it’s title, in an attempt to make the fake offer look legitimate and genuine, the Andrew Reynolds scam mers managed to sell a few Cash On Demand scam copies before they were caught out and told to cease and desist by Andrew Reynolds scam busting lawyers.

Cheekily their reply back demanded money to be paid to get them to stop their illegal Andrew Reynolds scam activities. Lawyers acting on this Andrew Reynolds scam case therefore decided to immediately take legal action to stop the perpetrators of the Cash On Demand scam from selling any more Andrew Reynolds scam  products in this blatant fraud.

The Andrew Reynolds scam busting legal team found that the pirates were operating through a Belgian registered domain name, using one of his trademarked names to give their Cash On Demand scam site authenticity. Belgian authorities were immediately contacted and after submissions from Andrew Reynolds scam team  they agreed that the Cash On Demand scam domain name should be snatched back from the scam operators and handed to Mr Reynolds for safe keeping to stop further Andrew Reynolds scam piracy by KBS Trading.

If you think you have been offered pirate copies of courses by people offering you similar Andrew Reynolds Scam Copies– leave a comment below.

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