Andrew Reynolds Charity Work

Andrew Reynolds Charity Work

There’s a saying that “When you’ve made enough – make a difference!” That’s the philosophy behind Business Mentor Andrew Reynolds.

Andrew Reynolds started a home based business in his spare bedroom around 14 years ago and quickly went on to make £Millions. After securing his own financial position – paying off his mortgage, moving to a large house that he paid for in cash, buying things like a new car and a holiday home, Andrew Reynolds then started to get involved in using his skills to help others.

In his business Andrew Reynolds had developed marketing skills that had pulled in a lot of money – skills that could be used to pull in money not just for himself – but also to pull in money for charities and worthy causes.

His first attempt was to hold a charity event at Wembley Conference Centre. Using the skills he had developed in holding workshops where he taught people how to make money – he applied these to the business of running an event on a larger scale but with 100% of the ticket proceeds going straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

The event was a huge success and raised over £300,000 for the charity. Spurred on by that success- Andrew Reynolds Bootcamps became a yearly event – culminating in the largest ever seminar of its kind – held at the O2 Arena, which raised over £700,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation charity.

Andrew Reynolds also donates his own money to Charity too. Nationally, he is a Patron of the Princes Trust, and an Ambassador for the Make A Wish Foundation, while on a more local level he has donated his own money to help a disability charity, to the local Dial-A-Ride bus service and also to a number of small organisations too.

The moral of this – it’s not just all about the money – it’s about the good that you do with it once you made it too.

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