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Copywriting as a business is one of the absolute most overlooked by people. This is actually sort of strange considering how important copywriting actually is to people online success. Having the greatest product in the world is the easy part, but if the sales page the person is using to sell is not properly put together they are not even going to sell a lump of coal with it. Writing all alone is not needed in order to be successful using the Internet, but it is extremely important to know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. This is where having some education comes in. There are a lot of people out in the world who love to write, but they just don’t know how to turn their writing in the cold hard cash they need. Make money writing with Mark Hempshell comes in to save the day here. Mark has actually been freelance writing for around twenty years.

Mark Hempshell has created books, articles, reports and reviews for quite a number of companies. These include magazines and small to large newspapers as well. Mark Hempshell believes that just about any type of person can write simple articles while getting paid cold hard cash for it. Mark says in order to make money writing all the person really needs is some basic writing skills. There are thousands of publishers that are desperate for content and will pay anywhere close to £500 for a day worth of writing. Mark can vouch for this personally because of the content he has had created for certain eBooks he sells. Once a person has made a name for themselves in the copywriting business they can easily put out some impressive numbers when it comes to making money in this business. Mark knows a writer who has actually been paid around £20, 000 just for a sales letter from one of the big names.

After hearing that, writing probably does not sound quite as insane does it. The course of Make Money Writing actually comes in eight different lessons. This allows an individual to study as slow, or as fast as they need. Using each lesson Mark Hempshell actually shares the insider secrets he has obtained over the years and shows how people can profit using them. One of the greatest benefits about this program is the fact that Mark proofreads the first few articles, and lets the person know how to do better. Mark will even suggest various editors that may buy the articles.

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