Article Marketing – Pulling In The Cash – Pt5

What we are trying to accomplish with our article marketing is have them seen by thousands of people. The only way to get that done is by submitting them to hundreds of directories and forums. And yes, there are thousands of them out there so don’t worry about that.

Now the problem with article marketing to that many places is this. Once the article has been placed in the directories and forums, people are really starting to look at it. Next they will begin clicking on your back-links and going to your site or product page. Now there is a small problem with that. It is duplicity. You are article marketing to hundreds of directories and forums. It will get you some traffic to that site or page you are looking for.

But what is going to make you that mega cash you keep reading about? How are YOU going to be making the $11,500 per month that the mother of three is who you keep reading about?

You worked your behind off submitting that article. It won’t get you anything more than a response of however many people saw it and wanted to see more. That won’t do anything to put it on page one of Google. “So why not?” you may ask.

The ‘duplicate content’ thing the search engines do is what happened. What that means is that when the search engines go out on the web it finds your article. Super! It also sees that the article is the same article on every directory and website it is on. Search engines are not fond of ‘duplicate content’.

Okay, how do we get past the problem? The hard way is to re-write the article a 1,000 times so it doesn’t say the same thing the same way. Another much easier way is to use as ‘spinner’. Spinners allow you to take one article and ‘spin’ it so they all say the same thing, with different wording.

Don’t get me wrong. Article marketing via spinning works just fine, but it takes a lot of time as well. You will have to go check one out to see what you think. A popular one is But you do have to elbow grease the article in order for it to work. But it is not that bad.

Another is, which is free. Check them both out and see what you think. They will produce you a different series of your article and do if fairly quickly

Next is a brand new one that is awesome. It is and the latest and greatest spinner on the market. The hardest thing you will have to do is submit them to the directories and forums. But from then on you will seriously rise in the search engine rankings! Good Luck!

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