Article Marketing – Pulling In The Cash – Pt4

One of the first things you have to realize is that Article Marketing has made some people on the Internet thousands and thousands of dollars. The have made, and still continue to make, a lot of money in here by publishing those articles. Before you stop reading, hear this. You can write articles as easily as those people do, maybe even better. You do not have to be an accomplished writer to achieve success with article writing. Just remember, Article Marketing will guarantee you sales! That is all you need to know.

When I first began Article Marketing, I published in directories and forums. I had never written anything prior to this. I published in just over 40 directories. These were sites like Ezine Articles, Amazines, Article Alley, and many more. There are a gazillion of these on the Internet you can use. Most generally they all require so many words, but limit you to a top number. As a rule, it hovers between 250-500 words per article.

One thing most have in common is what they call the “Resource Box”. Now these articles can be about almost anything. But you are not allowed in most directories and forums to put links in the actual article. That’s where this nifty “Resource Box” comes in very handy.

In the “Resource Box” you should make a ‘call to action’ statement. Your Article Marketing should be about what you are promoting, and let’s say that was landscaping. Now you want them to go look at landscaping in your website or web page. So in the “Resource Box” you are going to let them know that your expertise can be found by clicking on this link. You may even have a blog you want them to join. Most directories will allow at least two, sometimes three links in the Resource Box. This is a tremendous tool and the really great thing is that it is free!

Most generally you also have to have a short summary for submission. Don’t waste that space! A lot of writers use their first few lines of the article. Don’t do that, as it won’t help your SEO at all. Write a quickie that makes the readers want to read it.

They will also give you a keyword box where you can put in keywords for searching for your site or blog. Always make certain you fill in that box. In this particular case you would want to put in as many landscaping related keywords as you can. There is usually a limit so it won’t take long.

Be sure to read all the articles about ”Article Marketing – Pulling In The Cash ” so you can begin making your fair share here on the Internet. Good luck!

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