Article Marketing – Pulling In The Cash – Pt3

In today’s atmospherically competitive internet universe post only things on your website that you believe in and that work then write articles.

Article Marketing is your solitary resource of survival, in routing web traffic to your site. Article Marketing is especially increasing in the world of making money. Receiving high search engine rankng isn’t complicated.

Article Marketing is one of the top web site promotion procedures you can utilize, in addition to being very effective. Article Marketing improves web traffic and boosts SEO ranking?
Build A Blog, explode your business niche, then do some Article Marketing.

5 Easy Steps:

The header

The header the most important part in blog marketing text. Your header is usually the name of your website, which should contain keywords you are targeting. The more relevant header is to your keyword, the more relevant traffic you will get.

Tag line

The one sentence that lies below the header. Once again, make sure it has some important keywords, and make it relevant to your blog.


Monetize on your blog. Text ads, banner ads, affiliate connections, JV product attachments, Google Adsense are huge ways to earn extra cash. These portals are always there and act as your online 24 generated merchant account who is constantly there to quicken your sales products.The Opt-In box is by far one of the most important components. Offer your readers substantial material in trade for their email moreover you will have just rolled your readers into prospects.

Blog posts

Title of the blog post is extremely important. Make sure it contains main keywords you are targeting. Body of your blog post should contain main keywords on the first sentence of the first paragraph and also last sentence of the last paragraph. This is to increase search engine rankings and relevancy. The more traffic you get to your blog, the higher chance of you monetizing. End each blog post with a call to action link.


In blogs, we want the reader to stay on your blog as long as possible to increase them clicking a link. Have a lot of unique, useful content on our blog posts and pages.

Pages are a gainful approach to augment a reader’s lastingness on a blog and reduce bounce count. Include an About Us Section, Contact Us, Submit A Story, Categories. Interacting with readers so you can establish a bond or relationship with them for lifelong.

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