Article Marketing – Pulling In The Cash – Pt1

Article marketing is a very powerful internet tool. It can establish you as an expert in your field, drive traffic to your website, and raise your rankings with search engines.

Some internet marketers rely on article marketing as their main source of income. Because of this, loads of business opportunity products promising to teach you how to make hundreds of thousands easily have popped up all over the internet. Though over-hyped, these claims hold an inkling of truth. However, in order to succeed, you will need the inside track. To make money on the internet, whether through a website business or niche information products, you must learn the skill of article marketing.

Website owners desire original, regular content. New content helps raise Google rankings and keeps readers interested. Often, owners do not want to write the content themselves, so they turn to an article directory. They simply visit a directory, select a quality article relevant to their business, and publish it on their site. Many SEO Ezines publish only articles written by other people.

Inside the original article is a resource box that contains a link to the author’s website. For example, at the bottom of an article on dieting, the link could state, “Lose that belly fat.” You always want to use the keywords as your link’s anchor text. Should this article get published on a site with a lot of traffic, your link will receive clicks. In this way, article marketing generates free traffic and raises your search engine ranking. If your article is “hot,” then other websites will pick it up and publish it on their site. Since the article is required to be published including your links, more links to your website are spread about and you move up in Google’s rankings once more! Even more importantly, since your article is present on other people’s websites, you receive free traffic, and if the quality of your sales copy is high, this could lead to many sales, all through someone else’s traffic!

Most articles in article directories were not intended to be published on multiple sites. They are published for the purpose of getting SEO links from the directories themselves, and they usually contain broken English, as they were written quickly and without much thought. However, if you put in a little more thought, you can pull in cash while raking in search engine rankings.

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