Winning Colours Alert by John Hamer Reviewed

This service is being promoted by Canonbury Publishing which means it has the advantage of being one step ahead from the competition.

Canonbury products in my experience are high in quality and give you the peace of mind with a money back guarantee.

The system is a sensible one which is something you won’t catch me saying all the time.

The Winning Colours Alert System

The ideal of the winning colours is to make a return of 1% per day which seems really little but it’s when our friend compounding takes effect.

You’ll need a starting bank of £1,200 – which could be said to be one of the negatives to the system – and the returns of just 1% a day Winning Colours Alerts aim for you to make:

  • £7,798 profit in year one
  • £31,798 in year two
  • £55,798 in year three

You may now be thinking that this will not bring you instant riches but these are tax free profits. But like every system they’re not guaranteed.

The system has been produced by John Hamer and is designed to bet with the favourite and in John’s words the favourites win 30% of the time and his system picks the top three every day for you.

If you subscribe to the service you’ll receive an email between 10am and 11:20am every weekday then you’ll need to access the internet very quickly to place your bets.

A positive with this system is that there are much more that win at this system than lose so its fairy low risk.

If you’re interested in this system John offers a 30 day trial. It limits your potential earnings but this is to show you how effective the system is.

Note: Always go careful not to go too mad with any betting system, you really don’t want to chase any losses, sorry to get mega serious, it’s just a warning!


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