Virtual World Direct – Lottery Riches

Virtual world direct has introduced the e-lottery system known as Virtual World Direct – Lottery Riches which has increased the chances of winning massively. This online lottery business has a marketplace of approximately 22million customers in UK and one can make money by introducing other people to the Virtual World Direct – Lottery Riches online and you earn money from that introduction every week and this process never ends. It is not just a lottery but is one of the richest tax free, lump sum lotteries of the world. The draws for Virtual World Direct – Lottery Riches are made twice a week that is on Wednesdays and Saturdays and jackpots often reach to 31,275,496.42 USD and the total prize fund topping is 39,847,481.99USD. Resellers of virtual world direct offers lottery syndicates and they have had 3,040 syndicate wins and paid out almost half a million pound in about 127 different countries.

Your chances of winning the UK lotto game jackpot with a single line entry are about 14 million to one. People in their millions try to beat the odds every week and strike it lucky. If you are a member of virtual world direct and are playing the e-lottery syndicate then your chances of winning are dramatically enhanced as the odds plummet in your favor automatically. If you are a member you have privilege to match 5 main numbers not 6 to scoop the jackpot. This is the major advantage which only members get.

You have to play with five numbers only because the e lottery system guarantees you the 6th number in every lottery draw. This is obtained by associating the remaining 44 numbers with the syndicate five numbers. Each syndicate has 44 numbers of chances or entries, providing every member 44 chances of winning in every draw that means every member gets 88 chances a is very simple to join and become an affiliate and then virtual direct will do all the selling for you. When you buy a ticket you become part of syndicate and it increases your chances of winning the UK lotto by 700 percent and Euro millions by 36times. This is true that you won’t become millionaire with Virtual World Direct – Lottery Riches but you become able to earn steady income.

There is an amazing difference in prize money when compared to playing on your own. For instance, if you bought a 1 line entry in the UK Lotto game and matched the four numbers and bonus ball then you will win a four ball prize which is about 117.325USD based on preceding results. If you play e-lottery syndicate excellently then it will provide you an extra winning number.

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