Utility Warehouse – Get Rich Slow?

The pitch

The Utility Warehouse does not have much of a pitch. This one is basically a discount club for shoppers. The Utility Warehouse is a shopping cup club for consumers and the shopping club concentrates on utilities such as: phone, gas, and electric. Being a member of the Utility Warehouse big discounts on your utilities.

The program has an MLM earning potential. What a consumer will earn selling memberships for the Utility Warehouse will all depend on what the consumer puts into it. So if a person who sells memberships for the Utility Warehouse puts effort into selling memberships and continuously finds up new members, and new associates then the person can make a great income.

The real money that a person earns for selling memberships, and recruiting new associates calms with the promise of residual income. Residual income is earned year after year, and no there is no expiration date on residual income.

The payof

The company behind Utility Warehouse is called TeleCom. TeleCom has been given high ratings by many consumer rating magazines. TeleCom has been given high ratings in customer service. TeleCom has also been known to give special training to the new associates. TeleCom does not want new associates to fail and this is why TeleCom gives new associates training.

Many associates to grasp the concept of selling the service through the TeleCom training. These associates to make money when they sell the services that TeleCom offers. This does not happen overnight, these associates had to work a long time before they were successful at selling the services offered by TeleCom.

Overall the services offered by TeleCom via the TeleCom Associates seem to be worthwhile. We would recommend that if you are looking for in income that offers you residual income that you should try the services offered by TeleCom. However, there is an MLM marketing strategy involved so it you have never done MLM marketing before you may be challenged. Many people are learning this new skill of MLM and are quite successful at it.

The safety net

There is no safety net. Once you paid to become an associate and sell the services that TeleCom offers you have joined the TeleCom family. They do not offer any type of money back guarantee. They do not offer any promises as to how much earnings a person will make. They do offer you a perspective as to how much potential earnings you may have.

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