The Public Domain Instant Profit System

The Public Domain Instant Profit System has been promoted by a lot of online marketers of late and many as a result of this a number of subscribers have asked me to take a look into the system.

The term Public Domain refers to books, images and music that are not protected by copyright. This does mean that in theory you could use these as your own work and make money from them.

There are thousands of these within the public domain and I have in fact used some of these works myself.

Some of these works are a few years old but still sell for a good price even today. Andrew Reynolds for example recently launched a Public domain product, beautifaully re-packaged, as part of a monthly subscription product for £99 per month, which knowing Reynolds will have attracted thousands of subscribers.

So looking at the package –  the Public Domain Instant Profit System offer has:

  • A three pre-packaged eBook business
  • Three fully ready to go websites with professional images and a log in box
  • A professionally written sales letter
  • And they will show you how to source your own public domain products too

Public Domain Instant Profit System – My Feedback

This will appeal to newbie internet marketers but not the seasoned pro and the reason for this is as follows:

The newbie is obsessed with not having  a product to sell; the experienced marketer will know that this is the easiest part of the puzzle. So this offer makes for a perfect solution to the newbies worries, as you’ll receive product and a website all ready to go.

Now the problem is that all of this has been pre-empted by the two Neil’s

How do you market the website?

The real skill is to get the targeted visitors to your website but The Public Domain Instant Profit system does not show you how to do this…

Google is not a fan of duplicate content on any website; this does not mean that you’ll not appear in search results in Google, just that you’ll not be as high as you’d like to be because of this.

Most of the Guru’s out there will not tell you this but I will as I would like you to know everything so you can make a success of this.

It’s a fact that 99% of all traffic comes from “organic search” i.e. the free listings within Google, get in there and you’ll be a success, fail and its game over.

So as you’ve read I have very mixed feelings toward The Public Domain Instant Profit system, the major worry as I have mentioned earlier is that you’ll have exactly the same website as everyone else on the system and duplicate content is a no-no in the search engines!

If you have bought into the system please let me know how you’ve got on, I’d love to hear.

Speak soon


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