One Deal from Retirement – Toby Unwin & James Sheridan

One Deal from Retirement – Toby Unwin & James Sheridan is an extremely interesting property investment product that is geared toward commercial properties only, unlike most similar products that create income when investors purchase residential properties to rent to prospective residential tenants, families, couples or singles

Commercial property investment can be a very good idea in today’s economy and holds a great deal of significant advantages over the normal residential investing for any savvy investor. Some of the main advantages of investing in commercial property today are:

  • The commercial property investor generally will get an exceptionally long-term tenant. That term can be anywhere from 5 to 15 years as opposed to one year with a residential tenant.
  • The commercial property investor can usually count on regular rent reviews in the lease where the rent only goes up, not down, as in some residential areas.
  • The commercial tenant covers the expense of all repairs, guaranteeing a lot less hassles for the investor than dealing with a residential tenant and all of the mandatory repairs that come with them.
  • The commercial property investor is competing with far less amateur landlords, which are prevalent in the residential rental arena.

In commercial property, there are a few downsides as well. An investor might have to wait longer for a tenant initially and even possibly find it necessary to give a few months free rent to entice a good commercial tenant, but these negatives are certainly avoidable if the savvy commercial Investor buys property with a commercial tenant already in place.

One Deal from Retirement – Toby Unwin & James Sheridan comes with workbooks, DVD’s and software and carefully guides the investor through the financing options, which include getting the seller to finance some of the deal.

One of the main selling points of One Deal from Retirement – Toby Unwin & James Sheridan is that you don’t need large deposits or a great credit rating to get started as an investor in commercial property.

The authors of One Deal from Retirement – Toby Unwin & James Sheridan both live in the United States and much of the product is geared toward the US market, but can be easily adapted to the UK market by a savvy investor. Also, One Deal from Retirement – Toby Unwin & James Sheridan offers a 30-day money back guarantee. In today’s volatile economy, property is and always will be one of the most successful wealth-building vehicles known to man.

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