Making enough money for all your expenses just by working from home, is everyone’s dream. You can all just make a bit of extra money for nice holidays or to make a big purchase if you’d like. The choice is yours. With Kleeneze, you are not selling. The Kleeneze catalogues do that. Distributing Kleeneze catalogues is quite enough to do the job and get you on the road to earning. This is YOUR business and you are in charge of your potential. Earn a percentage from each of your Kleeneze sales as well as sponsor new recruits into your business.

Trust Kleeneze to help you earn extra money. They are a reputable and well-respected company. With the Kleeneze catalogues that are recognized everywhere, how could you not have success. The Kleeneze products practically sell themselves. You will be provided with all the resources you need to be successful. Start with 50 Kleeneze catalogues, some manuals and videos all for £80. This is enough to begin placing around your neighbourhood and distributing at your workplace. Pass them out to friends and family members and watch them show their support and help bring you great financial independence. Another good idea is to give them a couple of Kleeneze catalogues each and ask that they pass them to people they know as well. This widens your range of potential customers. When you are ready to pick up the Kleeneze catalogues that have been distributed, you will have orders. On these orders you will earn 21% of each other. By using simple probability you can increase your chance of orders by increasing the number of catalogues that are placed on doors and passed around.

If you are interested in earning even more with Kleeneze, recruit your co-workers, friends, family and anyone you meet to join. This allows one to build a Kleeneze team. The benefits of having a team are that you all win. Everyone earns and the Kleeneze network grows. Another benefit is that as the recruiter, you earn commission off of your team’s sales as well. By working Kleeneze in a group, you expand your customer base as well as your potential earnings.

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