Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s Pt1

Joint Venture’s for Newbie’s will show you that you can JV with big hitters. Andrew Reynolds made over £3.9 million in one year, using people with big lists.

What would motivate someone to JV with you? A quality product and sales copy. Present the benefits and send them free product and sales copy to review.

The big hitter will want to know your offer converts, so give him conversion rates. If you haven’t sold any product yet, it would be worth setting up a PPC campaign focusing on conversions. Look at Google Ads made simple for help so you can tell him your offer has been converting.

He will want to know retail price, percentage profit split and cost of producing and delivering. The normal split is 50% after costs. If your product is £197 and costs are £17, each would receive £90. When deciding what to offer, remember what you are trying to achieve. Obviously you want money, but you also want a list of your own. By JVing, you get a buyers list that you can repeatedly market to and other people will come looking for you. Success creates success.

Offer him 70% of profits from each sale and a percentage of any up-sells customers buy. You can purchase resale rights products. Giving your JV a percentage of the up-sell will make you stand out. This time give a lower percentage as this could net him £200 per sale.

If your Joint Venture’s for Newbie’s big hitter has a 20,000 list and your offer gets a 1% response, he earns £25,200. You make £10,800 profit and gain a list of 200 buyers. He made almost £32,000 for no work and your first JV has earned you over £17,500.

If you show him you have tracking in place, you look professional and that can be done simply with affiliate tracking software. Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s recommends 1st Shopping Cart, which does everything from list management, auto-responders, affiliate creation to reporting and tracking, everything you need.

You help him over-deliver to subscribers, making him look good to customers by giving them something special that is ONLY available to him. Make it easy for him and have ready pre-written emails to send to his list.

If you put all these strategies together you have an irresistible offer of financial gain and added value to subscribers, a quality relevant product with good sales copy, proven conversion rates, a massive % of the profits, a slice of any up-sells, tracking, a special offer for their subscribers ONLY and prepared emails.

Hit all these Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s points and you will blow the competition away. One JV partner can earn you thousands and build you a list on autopilot.

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