Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s Pt2

One can make thousands in a span of a couple days without the daunting task of maintaining customers of your own. Perhaps, this Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s article will draw out the opportunity, and bring the excitement that previous Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s articles may not have. Yet, more importantly one can get their list as detailed in “the money is in the list” and get started.

Step ONE: Get a keyword list that relates to the Niche and your product.

One of the best resources for defining Keyword is Google’s keyword tool at

Use Google’s keyword tool in producing a keyword list

Step TWO: Take record of the top twenty or so keywords.

Step THREE: Start to Compile a List of JV Partners; Open a control document to keep note of all Potential JV Partners websites and emails. Use a document like Excel in recording JV partners email and web addresses.

Step FOUR: Take the Keyword list and type one into a search engine like Google. Type all keywords into Google finding prospective JV partners

Step FIVE: Check the first ten or twenty websites for a method of capturing email addresses. Do they have a place where people Log-in?

Step SIX: Also check other sites like and use common keyword derivatives to expand one’s search. Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s suggests adding a word like “ezine” to a keyword since ezine is an online newsletter with thousands of subscribers and regularly list their communications. Expand the list with adding derivative newsletter keywords to your keywords.

Step SEVEN: Document your PRIME targets into your control document; they are aggressively promoting either derivative schemes or JV’s. These websites are prospective to backing your product. Note down any website in the Niche from clickbank, or otherwise.

Step EIGHT: Go to a Search Engine ( and type “link:” then a prospective website. This brings up a list of liked people to that site. Repeat this task with every relevant product on Use this linking trick to source dynamic connects pertaining to the prospective niche.

Finally, the list is complete and now there are numerous budding JV partners that may produce tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the niche and the products. This Joint Venture’s For Newbie’s method has now created an opportunity to take life by the horns and run with it.

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