Jager Gambling Systems

A great mind once said “ You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal from it.” If Albert Einstein couldn’t beat the odds when gambling. Why do you think you can? Do you think you can beat the odds because of online gambling systems saying you can?

There are many gambling systems online that say they can better your chance at winning where it’s at roulette or racing the ponies. The Jager Gambling systems have come under scrutiny lately. This gambling systems offers tips on how to win at anything from gambling in a casino to how to win betting on dog races. Mr Jager claims to have an infallible system for both horse racing an roulette.

Many gambling forums have pulled the Jager Gambling Systems apart. Finding them not so infallible, but you can try them if you like, after all it’s your money.

I will say that John stands up for his systems at every turn. If there wasn’t a problem with the Jager Gambling Systems, why would he have to defend them so much? “My systems must be played strictly according to my code sequence which is individually analyzed personally by me.” Or so Mr. Jager says. There has always been systems used in gambling and Johns gambling systems aren’t any more far fetched then the others.

What you need to know is there’s no guarantee when you gamble the odds are to high and even an honest house will win most of the time. The reason for this is the casinos use sophisticated random number generators and the odds are fixed in favor of the house. For John Jager to say that his systems are “fail safe” is just plain out garbage, because no gambling system can be guaranteed to be fail safe. If you cannot loose using the Jager Gambling Systems why would Mr. Jager sell these systems for such a small amount of money. After all if he can guarantee you to win, why couldn’t you afford a much higher price for the secrets of the systems or maybe even a portion of your returns.

Your best odds is to stay away from the Jager Gambling Systems and any other systems like them. Use your money to take your favorite girl out for a meal and to dance. I guarantee your odds will be much better to bring off a more profitable return.

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