Duvet Dollars

When you look at the sales page for Duvet Dollars, you will see the classic sales copy that is associated with so many business opportunity product. The page claims that you can earn over $600 while you sleep. It is basically designed to show you just how successful you can be online and that having your online business is much better than having a 9 to 5 job. That last fact is definitely true. There is a lot of money to be made online and having your own business can be much more profitable than working for someone else. But is it really possible to earn money while you sleep?

Yes, but you would have to set up your business accordingly. You see, you can’t do nothing but sleep and expect money to magically come to you. There are certain actions that you would need to take in order to get income flowing on an automated basis. There are many ways of making money online, so which one does Duvet Dollars actually focus on?

Anyone who is familiar with internet marketing will automatically recognize that the screen shots posted on the site come from Clickbank, which is one of the biggest affiliate programs online. Clickbank is certainly a reputable company and has helped many online entrepreneurs make a ton of money. It works by promoting digital products such as software and informational products in exchange for a commission on the sale price.

Now, of course you need to bring traffic to your affiliate offers. You can’t just sign up to Clickbank and expect money to appear in your account without doing anything. What Duvet Dollars teaches you is how to get traffic to your affiliate offers from the Google Adwords pay per click system. You will place ads on Google which will appear next to search results when someone types in a search keyword that is related to the Clickbank product that you are promoting.

While this is a powerful advertising tool, you should know that there are a few drawbacks. You will face a lot of competition when you promote certain products in popular niches like business opportunities or weight loss. Duvet Dollars tends to oversimplify things by claiming you can always bring in profit from the ads you put up on Adwords. It is overall a good product if you want an overview of how advertising on Google Adwords works, but you should remember that you will need to build up a lot of experience before you can achieve $600 a day or more.

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