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I’m not a fan of online trading at all, it does nothing for me but i can understand how some people do find it exciting and enjoy making cash through these types of systems.

There are so many stories on the net regarding good and bad experiences using online trading systems that promise you regular easy money and end up failing and costing the person invloved a huge amount of wasted money.

I also suspect that some testimonials on some of these trading system sites may have been fabricated by the creators of the systems to encourage you to part with your money and take up their system, it can be a very murky world indeed.

Wouldn’t you like to know what really profits?

The trick is to read up as much as you can, listen to people and even try the system before parting with hard earn cash as these systems never come cheap.

So who should you listen too then?

Well my choice is David Evan’s advise, he’s a fulltime trader and has been in the trading business a long time.

David offers a subscription to his news letter where he’ll explain all the in’s and out’s on online trading and the feedbacks too. The good thing is that he’s not affiliated with any of the systems so his advice is 100% independant.

David will also throw in his Forex Black Book which shows you amongst other things how to trade for FREE!

The subscription is £37 per year and Canonbury say they will refund you if you’ve not made any profit from trading you do in the first 12 months.

If you are thinking about spending any money on an online trading system I’d advise you to spend your money on David’s subscription first, call it defense research against being scammed.

Speak soon Tristan

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