Choosing a Profitable Domain Name – Part 2

In the first part of this article I have stressed how important it is to get:

• A keyword Rich domain name

• Aways go for a .com domain extention first

So if your .com choice has been taken what do you do? Well, easy, you just add more words to your domain name choice like the examples below:

• Info

• 101

• Secrets


• Site

• Here

• By your first name

So in our earlier guitar online example we could have:

Remember to always put the keyword first in the URL so that the search engines pick this up.

If you still struggle to find your a suitable .com then use hyphens inbetween the words.

For many of my affiliate sites the visitors will only come once as they come to the website, look at the product ad then go to the product website. they either buy the product or not on the product website, therefore they never visit my website again as they know the direct URL to the product to order. In this process though I have gathered the visitors details so I can send them emails etc.

You may hear some crazy people say that Google and the other major search engine hate hyphens, well this is simply not true at all, there are lots of websites that have heavy competitive keywords and they still manage to gain a high search engine ranking.

Back in the days when TV and Radio was the most popular way to promote your website hyphens were not the done thing, it would be a bit of a mouthfull if you had to promote a hyphened URL over the TV and Radio waves.

So if we get back to our original example of play guitar online we have a different set of URL’s:

So you can see that there is a huge possiblity of URL’s that you can choose from, you’re bound to fund the correct one for your venture.

Here is my step-by-step plan to getting the right domain name:

• Search and find the correct keywords for your products

• Try to find your primary domain name with no hyphens first

• If it’s taken go for the hyphenated version

• If the hyphenated versions have expired then try adding the additional words the the domain name

99% of the time you will find your perfect domian name but if for an example you don’t find a keyword rich domain name please don’t panic, a non keyword rich domain name can still work.

There are so many domain registrants around, don’t go for the first registrant you find, shop around for price and company stability i.e. go for well know, brand names, you8 can’t fail then.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article, happy domain hunting.

Speak soon, Tristan

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