Choosing a Profitable Domain Name – Part 1

The most important and vital element of building a website is a domain name and some newbie’s rush without thinking into buy a domain name thinking that anything will do.

This is completely the wrong attitude to have.

Although buying a domain name can take a matter of minutes, you really do need to put a lot of thought into the right domain name for your website.

The key element here is to research the market that you’re about to enter, is this a niche or sub niche that you’ll be targeting?

Look at your products you’ll use these as keywords but, would they work as a domain name?

Keyword rich domain names

To achieve high Google rankings one of the tricks is to use a keyword rich domain name which means that you simply use target a keyword of your product within your URL.

Google loves website addresses (URL’s) with related keywords to the products or services that your website is about. If for example I have a dog grooming business and I call it this would not give away at all to Google or a person reading your URL what your website is about. If on the other hand your website URL was then it’s obvious to all what it’s about and easier for Google and the other search engines to pick up what you’re all about and then rank you in their index.

The importance of domain extensions

Let’s take a look at the various domain extensions that are available. Domain extensions are simply the end of your URL:

“.com” “.info” “.net” “.biz” “.org” “.us” “”

The above domain extensions are also known as TLD extensions (top level domain)

The best domain to use for your website if you’re selling a product or services is the .com

People always seem to warm and trust a .com extension.

Most people will also type by default .com as being the most familiar extension on the web.

These are also great advantages to having a .com extension too.

So if you can get hold of a keyword rich .com domain then you’re on to a great start with your website preparations.

If you’re looking to review something then if a .com is not available then I’d suggest you go for .org extension. This stands for organisation and therefore non-profit making.

This particular domain extension is mostly used by charities but it’s well suited to a review website purpose.

In part 2 of this article I’ll explain how to obtain a good keyword rich domain name even if your keyword rich .com extension has been snapped up by someone else.

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