Cash On Demand scam pirates are back

Cash-on-Demand-Scam-on-EbayIn their latest Cash On Demand scam attempt, pirates have been found offering cheap scanned copies of the UKs bets selling home business course on sites such as Ebay. The Cash On Demand scam came to light during a routine daily check online for Cash On Demand scam sites offering fake copies.

Publishers for the course said “The problem with these Cash On Demand scam fake copies os that the pirates have simply scanned copies of old out of date versions of the course, originally written in 2004. Since 2004 of course, a lot has changed. Websites mentioned in the Modules for example  have now changed…in fact some of them no longer exist. And techniques shown back in 2004 have changed dramatically – as you’ll find in the latest 2.0 version of the course that has just been released.

Up to date copy rather than old Cash on Demand Scam copies

These Cash On Demand scam pirates are duping people into thinking they are buying legitimate and up to date information – when in fact these Cash On Demand scam copies are pout of date poor copies on a disc (a format we never use – we only send hard copies to you – not pdf scans). You can see the latest 2.0 version fo the course at

If you have fallen for the pirates and their Cash On Demand scam copies, please leave a comment in the comments box below to help track these pirates down and close their Cash On Demand scam offers.

Legal action for Cash on Demand Scam

Previous operators of Cash On Demand scam websites have faced legal action and in some cases have settled with the publishers in out of court settlements. In several cases domain name registrars have confiscated the Cash On Demand scam sites and handed them over the publishers to combat these Cash On Demand scam operations.

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