ATM – FX, Keith Cotterill – Reviewed

This is a trading strategy from Keith Cotterill who you may have seen reviewed before with his Ultimate Forex Predictor.

Keith does not make a big fuss on his bio about expensive cars and houses that he has as well as instant profits.

Instead Keith is known for his solid and fairly workable systems, which is a great start. He also has 18 years of trading under his belt so he’s not just setting up biz ops and pumping them out with no prior knowledge.

ATM-FX The System

This system is a currency trading system and through many that have tried it it’s been a winner. This particular system is aimed at new Forex Traders who’ve not tried a trading system before.

The great advantage to this system is that it’s very simple to use which is the best way to make money!

The only recommended requirements to running this system are as follows:

  • An active IG Index account – you need to place 2 trades per month to gain access to their advanced charts free. If you don’t have an account open yet, Keith will show you exactly how to set it up.
  • A trading bank – Keith recommends you have a minimum £1,000 bank.
  • And as with any day trading FX system you need to have the time to trade during the key profit windows of 7 – 10am and then 1 – 3 pm. So this is not something you can do if you are employed full time.

The package includes a manual and a DVD to explain the system and how it works. You can in fact see Keith trading himself within the system!

Keith has boasted that his system will make you around £24,000 in the first year of you trading and he’s stuck his neck out to promise a 42 day money back claim if you don’t make promised early profits!

If you’re new to the world of online trading then this is the perfect thing for you to take a closer look.

Please let me know how you get on.


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