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Business Opportunity seekers looking for a way to get started after they have studied some of the internet marketing courses out there, may be interested in an offer being made to clients of Focus Research and Marketing.

Focus Research and Marketing are product brokers who source great products worldwide for licensing by their clients.

It works like this.

As Focus Research say, people who are developers of new products are often great at their job – but they have no idea how to market.

That’s where internet marketers and home based businesses come in. These home based internet marketers know how to market – but they need product. Focus Research and Marketing put the two together.

For a modest fee, Focus Research and Marketing offer their clients access to, for example, DVD products. The home based entrepreneur is offered the chance to pay a small fee ‘up front’ for a license – which then allows them to sell as many copies as possible. The home based business owner keeps 100% of the profits. There are no commissions or royalties to pay to Focus Research and Marketing nor the original product developer.

When licensing products from Focus Research you receive a) a set of Master DVDs, CDs, or whatever, to duplicate form b) readymade artwork for graphics – DVD covers and labels, website pictures etc c) readymade website template pages. As Focus Research point out, this all means you can be up and running fast – as soon as you receive your licensing package.

Focus Research a clients get offered a new set of products each month, in return for a small subscription. Each of the products is chosen carefully after market research to establish a demand. Focus Research and Marketing tend to provide products for niche markets – rather than mass markets where competition is too strong for the home based business to compete.

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Focus Research and Marketing have just released for 2011 a brand new licensing package that allows home business owners and start-ups to get their hands on products to sell at a price, which according to Focus Research and Marketing, is very affordable.

It’s an innovative way to get started in these more financially challenging times. Focus Research and Marketing offer to send you a new set of licensed DVDs each month – on a range of unique topics which are bound to appeal to a cross section of buyers. “These DVD sets are designed to appeal to different markets” say Focus Research and Marketing “so that as a business you have a good spread of products out there online. If one product starts to slow up, perhaps for seasonal reasons, you still have 11 other sites out there offering unrelated products”

Looks like Focus Research and Marketing are on to something good here – spreading your risk as a home business owner, rather than focusing on just one topic and niche.

To help you get started, Focus Research and Marketing send you a start up package which contains a set of retail-ready DVDs on a niche topic (Golf is the first one – which is a very strong market of people with money to spend). Also included in the package are Master discs so that you can make copies – either yourself or through one of the sources Focus Research and Marketing are happy to recommend.

Focus Research and Marketing also provide you with a readymade website template page that you can customise and then they show you on a simply click by click basis how to put your site online without any techie skills – and how to make sure you receive the payments your customers send you.

Finally, Focus Research and Marketing also send you a series of specially commissioned books and manuals that show you tips and techniques for search engines and other marketing tips to get you started.

For more details of Focus Research and Marketing subscription plane go to

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