Search Engine Optimization The Easy Way – Pt4

In order to effectively do SEO the easy way, it is imperative that you create inbound links in order to boost your site up in the rankings and give you the edge over your competition. It can be difficult to create inbound links, but they very well may be, in conjunction with page titles, one of the most important SEO factors. Every single search engine puts an immense amount of importance on a site’s link popularity.

In SEO the easy way, just exactly what are inbound links you might ask?

Well, when anyone puts an address for your particular website on someone else’s site, that is a link. Every link will be recognized as a vote for your site by Google, therefore hypothetically if your site were to be featured on 100,000 additional sites, then you would have an extraordinary site with quality content.

Search engines will however, since all links are not created equal, give you more credit for links that are derived from any sites that have topics that are related to yours. For example, if you were to attain a link from a financial site, but your site sells cosmetics, then the search engines will not give you very much credit for that particular link.

In addition, you will achieve a great deal more success if your links are from higher quality websites. A link from a web page with a page rank of 4 would be worth more dozens of links from other sites that have absolutely no page rank. Acquiring those links is a process that requires a great deal of skill and time but you can also outsource your link work in order to get SEO the easy way.

Another key point to bear in mind when implementing SEO the easy way is the fact that images can be problematic to search engines since a search engine doesn’t have a clue what each image represents unless you tell them.

A multitude of websites use a great deal of showy graphics and imagery, which can definitely have an enormous negative effect on that particular site’s rankings.

You can optimize the images on your site, however when naming the image and its attribute, be sure to use your keywords. It will not increase your ranking, however, if you name all of those images the same and also you should always remember that, if you apply any sort of keyword padding you will be running the substantial risk of being penalized by Google.

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